Therapeutic Areas


Type 2 Diabetes »
Among the many classes of effective treatments for type 2 diabetes, a new class called incretin mimetics represents some very important advantages. Incretin mimetics have the effect of lowering blood glucose and decreasing weight through multiple biological activities. The development of incretin mimetics offering these beneficial effects has been an important focus of research in the fields of type 2 diabetes and obesity. The first incretin mimetic was approved by the US FDA in 2005 and others are currently in clinical and preclinical development.

Obesity »
Intarcia is evaluating a series of human peptides for delivery with Intarcia's technology platform as potential treatments for obesity. Based on the success Intarcia has achieved with human interferon and exenatide, we believe we can maintain stability and continuously deliver consistent levels of such peptides with Intarcia's technology platform addressing some of the primary obstacles to developing safe and effective therapies in this class.