Unleashing talent to deliver disruptively innovative and life-changing medicines that transform business models, standards of care, and outcomes for patients, payers and providers.


To unleash life’s possibilities with disruptively innovative medicines – each proven to raise the standard of care, improves lives, and provide attractive value creation and business results. We live by our core values striving to earn and preserve the trust, respect and admiration of all our stakeholders – including our own people by providing a differentiated and fulfilling place to work.


Trust is the synergistic mortar of our culture – the core that unleashes our full potential and impact. We are honest, competent, transparent, constructive, and accountable. All our actions reflect this value and our commitment to be trustworthy without exception. We are allergic to politics and distracting agendas that could hold us back, and we proactively stamp them out. We work hard to earn and keep the trust and respect of our key stakeholders and the patients we aim to serve. Our goal is to be a great example, a great teammate, and a great partner.

Our tenacious commitment to our purpose and our will to win for patients is unmatched.  We lead and we stay the course we know is right and good – we embrace and overcome tremendous adversity where others won’t.  We know this is what it takes to be extraordinary.

We think and act to win as a TEAM. We shape the game we want to play and we play to win – we consciously avoid playing not to lose.  Our passion to win and to do good keeps us more motivated than our competitors. Our urgency for results and impact drives us to seize opportunities and avoid bureaucracy. We demand the ‘best’ from ourselves, our teammates and our partners because winning is fun and fulfilling.

We aim to transform current norms into entirely new standards for success – our innovations are big and small and they come from digging deep for insights that we can act on across all aspects of our company and the categories in which we compete.  We stay externally focused and we innovate with the ultimate goal of delivering highly differentiated products that produce superior health and business outcomes. “Me too” products aren’t for us. We take calculated risks, including the risk of failure in order to achieve our long-term goals.

We keep patients at the very center of our thinking and our business. We seek to understand, and we show that we understand and care in what we deliver and in all our efforts to do great things for patients, payers and providers. We also care greatly about our people and our work environment, so we can unleash the full potential of our talent and our passion to save and improve lives. We challenge ourselves to be great and outperform others, and we know we are strongest when we are also supportive, inclusive, leveraging our diversity, and aligned.

We carefully hire and develop top talent who are self-motivated and committed to excellence in everything we do: our thinking, our standards and processes, our strategies and tactics, our products, and our passion for results. For us, excellence is a habit and a way of life. We seek and expect excellence in ourselves, our colleagues, our teams, and our partners. We recognize and celebrate excellence.

Recognition & Celebration

Recognizing and celebrating success are key parts of how we unleash our talent as individuals and as teams. We quickly acknowledge anyone’s success that adds real value to our organization.