At Intarcia, through the passion and commitment of our employees, we seek to leverage our technologies in drug development and delivery to provide improved therapeutic outcomes for patients and to help patients achieve a better quality of life. We develop treatments that are more conveniently administered to optimize therapeutic benefits and reduce adverse effects for chronic and life-threatening diseases. Our exclusive approach is enabled by a novel continuous subcutaneous delivery technology that allows for constant and consistent delivery of a targeted amount of drug exposure.

The field of biotechnology has paved the way for the discovery of new protein- and peptide-based therapies for chronic, debilitating and potentially life-threatening diseases. However, these treatments often require long-term therapy, frequent injections and induce side effects that may limit the treatment's therapeutic potential. Intarcia's drug development approach is unique due to our ability to stabilize macromolecules at human body temperature and to deliver them on a consistent, long-term and continuous basis, which allows for more convenient delivery of treatment. Further, should early withdrawal of therapy be required due to drug-related side effects, unlike most extended delivery formulations, Intarcia's mini pump can be quickly and safely removed decreasing drug concentrations to undetectable levels within hours.

Our integrated and experienced team of dedicated professionals has successfully developed new drugs and possesses expertise in all phases of drug development from preclinical and clinical development through regulatory and marketing approval. Currently, our drug development team is working to maximize the value of our technology by moving our therapeutic candidates through clinical trials.

Developing Products with Significant Market Potential

Intarcia strives to develop product candidates with a demonstrated potential to deliver significant therapeutic improvements over existing therapies. We focus on therapies that address significant unmet medical needs and represent large commercial opportunities. The therapies we are developing:

  • Are based on promising therapeutic classes with proven clinical safety and activity;
  • Hold potential to represent significant improvements over the established standards of care;
  • May qualify for accelerated development and regulatory pathways; and
  • Create proprietary product candidates, securing or extending exclusivity.

By targeting product candidates from proven therapeutic classes and existing safety and clinical data, our development approach allows us to mitigate risks while reducing the cost and time required for developing products. If we are able to complete product development with fewer clinical trials than are required for a new therapeutic, we may have lower development costs and shorter timelines. By delivering these product candidates with zero-order kinetics facilitated by Intarcia's mini-pump technology, we strive to deliver therapy with a truly optimized therapeutic index.

Maximizing the Potential of Intarcia's Technology Platform

Intarcia's technology allows for drug delivery with zero-order kinetics. The benefits of Intarcia's delivery systems are:

  • Elimination of peak drug levels often associated with unwanted drug side effects;
  • Elimination of trough drug levels that can lead to gaps in drug efficacy, reduced levels of therapeutic effect and treatment failure;
  • Practical adherence to therapy, which can lead to improved treatment outcomes;
  • Immediate and safe reversibility to address drug related side effects;
  • Enhanced patient convenience; and
  • Extended exclusivity for improved proprietary pharmaceutical products.

Maximizing Commercial Potential of Our Technology

Based on the anticipated validation of Intarcia's technology in the ITCA 650 type 2 diabetes program, we continue to evaluate new opportunities for novel and proprietary product candidates, with efforts focused around two areas:

  • Evaluation of new applications of our drug delivery technology to develop products for which we can hold exclusive development and commercialization rights; and
  • Exploration of collaborative opportunities with partners to which our formulation and drug delivery technology and expertise can lend enhancement of life-cycle management, product line extension or a competitive edge.

To discuss opportunities, please contact our business development and licensing office at busdev@intarcia.com.

Our Vision

Unleashing talent to deliver disruptively innovative and life-changing medicines that transform business models, standards of care, and outcomes for patients, payers and providers.

Pipeline News

Intarcia Acquires Phoundry Pharmaceuticals
Acquisition of world class peptide team and library of optimized peptide assets creates opportunity for "NextGen" ITCA 650 combo therapy targeting diabetes and obesity. Other important diseases to be explored for mid and long-term pipeline.

Intarcia and Numab Sign Multi-Asset Collaboration to Develop Once-Yearly Therapies
Collaboration combines Intarcia’s proprietary delivery technologies with Numab’s novel multi-specific antibody technology.