We are restlessly impatient with status quo. This makes us continually strive to be disruptive and innovate what best will look like next – no matter what form that advance might take, as long as it ultimately supports our mission to dramatically improve outcomes for patients, payers and providers. This is why our artwork creates the perfect metaphor – keys and locks that represent our quest for breakthrough progress. We unleash our talent to achieve new solutions so disruptive that they create new best practices and new standards of medical care.

“I connected with the artwork the first time I saw it, because it made me understand how strongly people here feel about making a huge difference and changing lives.”
– Jay Smith, Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Our Company focuses on important challenges so we can make game-changing differences that result in better and longer lives for patients. So the metaphor successfully carries forward from the art hanging on our walls and suspended from our ceilings to the culture of our Company … including the way we recognize and celebrate our accomplishments.

Art Metaphor Helps Prompt New “Key Awards”

The leadership team has decided to launch the “Key Awards” – a new recognition program consistent with the metaphor of keys and locks in the artwork. The award program is timed to commemorate the second round of record-breaking financing (March 2014) that established Intarcia as the highest-valued privately held firm ever in the biopharmaceutical sector.

The new Key Awards will honor and celebrate associates who go “above and beyond” by successfully unleashing their talent to unlock progress and innovation toward our shared goals. The leadership team will evaluate, recognize and celebrate both outstanding individual and team successes. 

Chairman’s “Key Disruptor Award”

The top-level award will be the Chairman’s “Key Disruptor Award,” honoring an associate or team who defies conventional wisdom by thinking and executing beyond normative confines and expectations. Recipients will be selected based on having been instrumental in creating a disruptive innovation with organization-wide impact, or an advance with proven and significant value creation for our key stakeholders. The Chairman's Key Disruptor Award recognizes the importance of vision and insight beyond our competitors to see a transformational opportunity, and then demonstrating the courage and tenacity to pursue it all the way to success. This award is a special award not necessarily given annually, but only when justified.

The Leadership Team “Key Unleasher Awards”

The “Key Unleasher” Awards are given annually to individual associates or to teams who have been selected by the Leadership Team (ULT) for absolutely outstanding performance. The dual criteria require the person or team reflects the Company's core values in an exemplary manner, while also making a significant and clearly value-creating contribution toward the Company's success and/or our Corporate Goals.

Supervisor Recognition: “Key Impact Awards”

The “Key Impact” Awards are given to individual associates who have been selected by their Supervisor and confirmed by the ULT Leadership Team. The criteria require that the person reflect the Company's core values while making an outstanding contribution beyond what is expected, resulting in significant value to a project or work stream. The employee's effort should be considered exemplary and worthy of admiration by his or her colleagues.

The Artist’s Vision for the “Keys to Cures” Series

Learn about the artist and her vision behind the “Keys to Cures” series. We celebrate the inspiration in this artwork on our website and in our culture.