Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc., is a rapidly emerging biopharmaceutical company committed to developing innovative therapies that merge medicine with technology, and have the potential to transform therapeutic categories.

We focus our efforts on serious diseases that are prevalent and poorly controlled. Our near-term goal is to deliver a game-changing new level of freedom for a vast number of patients with type 2 diabetes. Making real differences in these two areas is our future and our passion.

We Are Growing Successfully

Since the 2012 round of financing, much forward progress has taken place at Intarcia, including significant enhancements to our world-class manufacturing facilities, the opening of our new headquarters in Boston’s Innovation Center, and the diversification of expertise both on our Board of Directors as well as on our Leadership Team through newly acquired members who bring vital new capabilities with them. As one example, a key new area of focus for Intarcia is Customer Experience and Outcomes, where we plan to reshape best-practice standards as we answer the unmet needs of complete consistency and reliability in customer experience and outcomes involving new medical products and procedures as they enter the market place.

A key element of pride during our progress has been our ability to remain fully independent through our rounds of financing so that we continue to have full strategic and executional control over our large global phase 3 clinical trial program, and all aspects of our rapidly evolving business plan. While we are obviously accountable to our stakeholders for progress, we are – and intend to remain – the driving vision and force behind our progress and our ultimate success.

Our Culture Unleashes Talent

We have also taken great care to advance our work culture along with our overall growth, because we believe unleashing best/brightest talent is the most critical asset to sustainable success. We carefully choose our talent, and we also carefully create and maintain our entrepreneurial environment so that “speaking-up” with new ideas is welcomed – especially for those more disruptive ideas that overturn conventional wisdom. We are a culture of people committed to winning on behalf of patients, payors and providers. We shape the game we want to play and we play to win – we consciously avoid “playing-not-to-lose.”  Our passion to win and to do good keeps us more motivated than our competitors. Our urgency for results and impact drives us to seize opportunities and avoid bureaucracy. We demand the ‘best’ from ourselves, our teammates and partners because winning is fun and fulfilling. It is why we are here – to make a real difference and to change lives.

Our Promise Keeps Increasing as Our Vision Gets Closer

Our drug development expertise is a key competitive advantage, and is demonstrated by our ability to stabilize therapeutic proteins and peptides and to deliver them in a constant and consistent manner over an extended period of time via our unique and proprietary drug delivery platform. Our most advanced investigational product is ITCA 650 in type 2 diabetes (T2D). Currently in phase 3 development, this investigational therapy holds significant promise as a 'game-changing' treatment in this increasingly common and important disease. Further information about ITCA 650 and the drug delivery platform is available in the Pipeline & Technology section of this website.

We have a very active and intense business development effort to seek partners to share the possibilities of our unique technology platform by bringing new and transformational products to other therapeutic areas. Our technology holds broad potential applications with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that have therapies in disease areas where poor patient tolerance to therapy and non-optimized treatment regimens represent significant obstacles to achieving treatment success.

At Intarcia, we work closely with key thought leaders and clinical investigators from academic centers of excellence. We are proud of our people and the culture of our company, and consistently strive to uphold our core values and our ethical integrity in everything we do.

Intarcia is privately held with its headquarters in Boston, MA, and manufacturing facilities in Hayward, CA.


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Unlocking Innovation:
In Our Art and In Our Work


Our artwork is a metaphor for how we work – unleashing our talent so we can create the keys to unlock innovation so disruptive it changes the standards by which things are done, generating tremendous benefit to patients, payors and providers.


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Join a small team, make a big difference

Intarcia carefully maintains an environment based on our core values of innovation and integrity. We are comprised of talented and entrepreneurial people who enjoy collaborating and achieving excellent results. Our leaders are deeply experienced and extremely approachable executives who actively support our business plan and our team. Read more