Converging Art, Science & Passion

Kelly Milukas is a prolific and passionate artist who “lives her art” by traveling to absorb visual imagery and to gain creative ideas, and then interprets them into various media at home in her studio. Her recent series, “Keys to Cures,” is an uplifting realization that each key is unique and carries its own magic to unlock what is needed to heal – the scientific innovation that holds the promise of a cure.  

“I’m sort of a ‘mad scientist’ in my own right, and I enjoy pushing the envelope of the materials I use. I carve stone clayed keys, cast them with resin and then gild them with 23k gold, palladium, and Japanese silver. It’s a very tactile and humanizing process, because it respects the science and innovation it speaks to – the ability every person has to find their own ‘key’ and unleash their talent.

My subject matter is influenced by an interest for commonplace motifs found in everyday life. My imagery is a visually charged interpretation of what I’ve seen in my travels – including primitive old keys and locks. I have a deep curiosity for life, and it is expressed in vibrant colors and textures. This visual translation of science has seeped into my DNA. All of the possibilities that science and innovation offer our generation is staggering, and I can’t help but be consumed by it.”

Recent exhibits that are relevant to the artwork at Intarcia include:

  1. Keys to the Cure, Solo Show, Museum at Palm Beach Photographic Centre, West Palm Beach, FL, March 2014
  2. Keys to the Cure, Maxwell Mays Gallery, Providence Art Club, April 2013
  3. Keys to the Cure, Solo Show, Ronald Regan International Forum, Washington, DC, April 2011.

Kelly also was awarded “Best in Show Still Life ~ Cell Keys” at the LCCC Photography Show in May 2011. Her artwork is in both private and corporate collections in the United States and Internationally.

Kelly lives with her family in the coastal area outside Newport, Rhode Island.


The Perfect Setting for Artistry


The beautiful marshes and shoreline of the Greater Newport Area in Rhode Island is home to quaint towns where galleries abound and art festivals occur regularly. Here is where Kelly finds inspiration.


Art is Part of “Key Awards” Recognition


The key & lock metaphor reaches its ultimate conclusion with the new “Key Awards.” They are themselves pieces of artwork by Kelly Milukas – artistically expressing unleashed talent or unlocked innovation.