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    Two Successful Phase 3 FREEDOM Trials Give ITCA 650 "Two Thumbs Up!"

    Positive new results from two Phase 3 clinical trials show ITCA 650 met all its clinical endpoints in each of the studies, increasing confidence it could be a game-changing new treatment.

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  • Message from the CEO

    Our New Data Strongly Validates our Goal to Help Improve the Standard of Care in Type 2 Diabetes

    The strength of these Phase 3 results gives us even greater confidence that ITCA 650 is on its way to making a tremendous difference for patients with type 2 diabetes around the world. Our team is thrilled by these findings, and we’re pressing forward with urgency and commitment.

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  • Two of the FREEDOM Phase 3 clinical trials are now successfully completed: FREEDOM-1 and the FREEDOM-1 HBL studies both met all their clinical endpoints. There are two remaining studies in the overall program: FREEDOM-2 and the FREEDOM-CVO Safety Study.

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  • Chairman & CEO Kurt Graves Explains the Vision and Culture of Intarcia

    What immediately sets Intarcia apart from other companies is what’s most visible – our product candidate that is built on amazing technology and chemistry. But what most outsiders cannot see is even more amazing – our people and our culture. Our people have a will to win. They are not intimidated by the skeptics who doubt that a relatively small biotech can change the course of treatment in serious disease. They say, "Watch us!"

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