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    September 24, 2015
    Phoundry’s optimized peptides, scientific talent, culture, and relevant experience all complement Intarcia’s in-house assets and goals, creating a whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

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  • Message from the CEO

    Intarcia Acquires Phoundry Pharmaceuticals to Drive NextGen Peptides in Mini-Pumps, Including Combinations with ITCA 650, Solidifying a Future of Disruptive Innovation

    We are a Company of action, not words. When we commit to opening a totally new pathway of delivering medicines and creating potentially game-changing new standards of care in major chronic diseases, we follow through.

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  • Chairman & CEO Kurt Graves Explains the Vision and Culture of Intarcia

    What immediately sets Intarcia apart from other companies is what’s most visible – our product candidate that is built on amazing technology and chemistry. But what most outsiders cannot see is even more amazing – our people and our culture. Our people have a will to win. They are not intimidated by the skeptics who doubt that a relatively small biotech can change the course of treatment in serious disease. They say, "Watch us!"

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